Big Sky Negotiator's Round-Up
Monday, May 22 - Friday, May 26, 2023
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Location: Mt Jumbo Elementary School
Directions: 735 Michigan Avenue, Missoula, MT 59802

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Monday - CNT Team-Building Workshop
This dynamic 8-hour workshop will challenge teams to develop a cohesive and strategic approach to better inter-team communication, structured brainstorming, and decision-making through lecture, discussion, and team-building activities. Fun for all!

Tuesday – Negotiating with Sovereign Citizen Extremists
This 8-hr course combines 4 hours of lecture reflecting the newest trends as they relate to sovereign citizen extremists with 4 hours of a practical team exercise. We will present updated trends within the Sovereign Citizen movement in the United States, including the convergence of other anti-police and anti-government movements, criminal occupation, and violent true believers.  

Wednesday – Negotiating with the Fellow Officer
Though no one in law enforcement wants the experience of dealing with a fellow police officer in an active suicidal or criminal crisis, personnel of all ranks need to prepare for how to handle, supervise, or delegate this type of situation. Incidents requiring a police response often are complex, emotional, and dangerous. 
You will learn about factors contributing to a suicidal crisis, the unique dynamics of a law enforcement response, the decision to request mutual aid and specific techniques for communicating with an actively suicidal officer. 

In the afternoon, there will be a team-oriented practical exercise to enhance what was learned during the lecture portion. 

Thursday & Friday – 836 Technologies
This two-day training course is designed to provide equipment training for agencies who currently have the CINT Commander II and the 836 Tactical Video Phone, manufactured by 836 Technologies. The course was developed for hostage negotiator personnel who are new to or are unfamiliar with the use of these systems. The course also serves as a great refresher for teams who already have our systems. Training topics include initial setup, software updates, deployment, NOC configurations, networking with the CINT Commander Satellite Program, as well as networking options for remote access of video via the 836 Tactical Video Phone. It is recommended personnel bring their own equipment including laptop computers to both days of training. Please do not bring your video phone unless you will be driving. Airlines can be brutal on the Tactical Video Console.
Individuals and teams have the options to register all 5 days, just the first 3 days, or the last 2 days depending on training needs.

* Free for agencies who have purchased the CINT Commander II System within 12 months of the training, (maximum 2 people per agency). Additional personnel may be added for $85 per person if space is available. Not sure how to determine what pricing applies to you? – Contact us with questions at



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$360.00 to attend the full week (3-day Training and 2-day Workshop)

$275.00 to attend the 3-day Crisis Negotiation Training ONLY

$85.00 to attend the 836 Technologies Workshop ONLY*

*:For those who receive comp seats as current 836 customers, please verify the fee waiver prior to registration. If fees are waived, select 'pay later' as a payment option and make a note in the Registration Comments section above - FEE WAIVED

$360 Registration for Full Week (Training and Workshop)
$275 Registration (3-Day Training Only)
$85 (836 Technologies Workshop Only)

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