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De-escalation for Public Service Employees

De-escalation for Public Service Employees

2 hours Interpersonal Communication (Online)
Presented by:
 Danny JohnsonTroy KingDeb McMahonMichael ClydeTanya Zaglauer

Course Description: This 2-hour presentation is specially designed for public service employees who, on a daily basis, have occasion to encounter hostile and potentially dangerous customers or clients.  Attendees will learn of conditions adversely impacting de-escalation, the impact of over- or underreacting, and how to recognize personal triggers.

Attendees will also learn the value of crisis rehearsals and mental threat assessments as a consideration of a risk-aware response.

Most importantly, attendees will learn practical tips for de-escalation, confirming non-compliance and knowing when it’s time to call the police or disengage with the customer or client.

Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion.

Training Objectives:
1. Define de-escalation as it relates to public service employees
2. Identify factors impacting de-escalation
3. Apply practical de-escalation techniques

Who should attend this course: Anyone having contact with potentially hostile or violent customers or clients including government employees, non-profit service agencies, emergency responders, hospital staff, church staff, educational administrators, retail employees, customer service representatives, social service employees, transit operators or compliance enforcement employees.

Complimentary seats: Discounts available for multiple paid enrollments.


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