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Resiliency for Emergency Services

Resiliency for Emergency Services

2 hours Interpersonal Communication (Online)
Presented by: Tanya Zaglauer-Schmell, Tamara Spencer, Dr. Barbara Palomino

Course description: Emergency services personnel operate in a stressful, high-risk environment every day. Psychological support after a traumatic event has lost much of its stigma and has become a viable option for mitigating the effects of traumatic stress. But why wait until after an event when we have methods to reduce cumulative stress?

It is possible through training and conditioning to make stronger men and women who will not only perform more efficiently on the job but will be healthier and stronger for their families. This two-hour course will guide students toward an understanding between resiliency and its link to stress as well as an understanding of the emotional and psychological factors which enhance resiliency.

Mental preparedness and resilience are essential components of long-term survival.  Survival is by choice, not by chance.  Survival comes from keeping a positive attitude as well as anticipating and mitigating fear. Practical methods for developing resiliency will be presented.

Building resiliency not only prepares emergency responders for life and death decisions, but also reduces conditions that require extensive post-incident intervention.

Prior to attending the course, students will receive by email, a resilience self-evaluation as a tool for individual growth and a lead-in to class discussion.

Each student will receive a certificate for their attendance.

Training Objectives:
1. Identify the link between the concept of human resiliency and stress
2. Understand psychological and emotional factors contributing to resiliency
3. Identify physiological factors contributing to resiliency
4. Develop resiliency

Who should attend this course: Any member of the emergency services including law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel and dispatchers.

Complimentary seats: Determined on a course-by-course basis.


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