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Team Building for CNTs: Brainstorming and Decision Making

Team Building for CNTs: Brainstorming and Decision Making

2 hours Technical Studies (Online)
Presented by: Troy KingDeb McMahon

Course Description: Decisions made by a group are usually better than decisions made by a single person.  Teams must take advantage of their time off the phone to engage in structured brainstorming.  It is a powerful technique to help negotiators assess risk and plan tactics.

Structuring brainstorming is more than just kicking around good ideas about what the negotiator is going to say the next time he or she is on the phone – it’s about strategizing toward a successful and risk-effective resolution.

Students will learn tried and true techniques for making the best of structured brainstorming sessions.

The most significant decision made during a crisis incident will involve a decision to use deadly force.  Decisions will be based on the information available and the best decisions will be based on timely and accurate information.

Proficiency in making decisions during a chaotic and emotionally driven incident requires teams to develop strategies for gathering information as quickly as possible with an understanding there is not enough time to apply traditional decision-making models.

This course prepares students to develop effective techniques for both structured brainstorming and the important decisions that follow.

Training Objectives: 
1. Apply effective brainstorming techniques.
2. Apply effective decision-making processes.
3. Use checklists and forms to facilitate decision making.

Who should attend this course: Crisis negotiators

Complimentary seats: WSHNA, MACN, IACN, BANG members and NCNA Representatives or their designees through December 2020.


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