MoKan Negotiator's Challenge
Wednesday, February 15 - Friday, February 17, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Community Forum at Lenexa City Hall
Directions: 17101 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66219

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Veteran in Vegas 
Presented by Dennis Flynn, Las Vegas Metro (Retired)
A patrol officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made a routine traffic stop on a subject. Unbeknownst to the officer, the subject was a USMC veteran who had recently returned from combat, was disabled, experiencing tremendous PTSD and life issues, and was armed with a pistol. For reasons the courageous veteran will share, he lost the will to live, pulled out his concealed pistol, and threatened to commit suicide. Patrol officers attempted to have the Marine put the pistol down. After not being able to convince him, SWAT and Crisis Negotiators responded. The debrief will provide both audio and video of the incident as well as discuss lessons learned. Additionally, a video recorded interview with the Marine was conducted and he explains the event from his point of view.

Negotiating with Ideologically Motivated Subjects 
Presented by Lieutenant Charles Crosby, Orlando Police Department
In the United States today, we seem to be witnessing ever-increasing examples of ideological conflict. Among the more divisive issues are conflicts over politics, spiritual beliefs, and cultural differences. These disagreements are often characterized by a blend of rational thinking and emotional behavior that diverges from traditional negotiation strategies of reducing emotionality to increase rationality. Ideological conflicts are both rational and emotional, and they tend to remain that way throughout a negotiation.

This presentation is designed to provide the negotiator with the skills to recognize, assess, and influence ideologically motivated subjects. 

The presentation will conclude with a case study that exemplifies ideologically motivated language in a negotiation. 

Responding to Psychiatric Crises 
Presented by Dr. Andrew Young 
This 4-hour presentation will examine the principles of influence and persuasion, then review examples and debriefings from the presenter’s experience. The focus of this presentation and debriefings will be on how to respond to those in various psychiatric crises with emphasis on Psychotic Disorders.

Responding to Veterans in Crisis
Presented by Special Agent (Retired) Deb McMahon
Post-traumatic stress disorder and the high suicide rate within the Department of Defense demand a closer look at the law enforcement response to a combat veteran in crisis. Although combat experience conveys considerable risk to the mental health of combat veterans, it is almost never the exclusive source of suicidal risk.  Like everyone else, veterans experience personal loss, failed relationships and financial hardships, which, when co-occurring with PTSD or depression can lead to a suicidal crisis. We will explore contemporary issues facing combat veterans as well as specific negotiation strategies.

MoKan Challenge Day
(The Challenge, February 17, is optional but highly encouraged for all Seminar participants)

Day 3 consists of a competitive scenario-driven event for up to ten teams. This complex scenario is based on a veteran-based incident full of interesting learning objectives for crisis negotiation teams. Teams will be judged by experienced peers and subject matter experts using a 10-category format including 'Intelligence Management', 'Communication', 'Risk Assessments', and 'Documentation'. All teams will be competing using the same scenario and judging criteria. Teams are limited to 8 persons each, but teams are encouraged to bring as many people as they would like. Additional team members may observe other teams, assist in facilitation, participate as role players, or serve as judges. Each team must provide one experienced person to the judge’s pool.

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