Certificate of Specialized Training in Resiliency and Peer Support

Mission Statement

The mission of the Crisis Systems Management LERPS Program is to provide excellent education, training, consultation, and support services in comprehensive resiliency and peer support programs for law enforcement, fire, paramedic, corrections, dispatchers, and other emergency responders.

Certificate of Specialized Training Program Overview

CSM offers a Certificate of Specialized Training in Resiliency and Peer Support, designed to document the completion of a standardized curriculum with the intent of providing associated services within a professional/occupational environment.

There are currently two Certificates of Specialized Training that may be awarded after the completion of a 40-hour in-person Law Enforcement/First Responder Resiliency and Peer Support course and/or 24-hour online Law Enforcement/First Responder Resiliency and Peer Support course, herein referred to as a 40-certificate and a 24-hour certificate.

Note:  The primary difference between the two certificates is training for the conducting of Critical Incident Stress Debriefings in the 40-hour course and small group projects.

The Certificate of Specialized Training Program is optional and voluntary and does not replace the award of individual course completion certificates.

The Certificate of Specialized Training attests to the completion of a standardized curriculum in peer support and resiliency. This certificate does not indicate competence in the field of resiliency and peer support.

Training provided by CSM is based on nationally accepted best practices and is based on information and processes obtained from sources which, to the best of CSM’s knowledge, are authentic and reliable.

CSM makes no guarantees of the results of methods and strategies discussed and assumes no liability in connection with either the information contained herein or material presented by the instructor(s). Moreover, it cannot be assumed that some circumstances may not require additional or substitute procedures. Students and certificate awardees are reminded that statutes, ordinances and agency policies differ widely and wherever these are in conflict with the information contained in courses, the former should govern.

Certificates awarded are not as a result of an aggregate of various CSM courses, but of full and complete attendance to qualifying courses.

Waivers of any type, for course attendance or occupational experience, are not available.

Application instructions for a Certificate of Specialized Training

1. Courses cited in applications for a Certificate of Specialized Training must be presented by CSM.
2. Any individual may apply for more than one Certificate of Specialized Training provided requirements have been met for each Certificate.
3. Certificates of Specialized Training are valid for a period of 3 years. Upon completion of the 3-years, applicants may apply for a renewal by completing 8 hours of advanced/refresher training or by providing proof of attendance to a qualifying advanced/refresher course by CSM within 6 months of a renewal application.
4. Certificates of Specialized Training which have been expired for 6 or more months are not eligible for renewal and re-attendance to a 24- or 40-hour course is required.
5. An application fee of $50.00 is required at the time of application. Applications not accepted are eligible for a full refund.  Renewals will be assessed a fee of $25.00.
6. Applications may be submitted up to one year after course completion.

Download and complete the application form at here: LERPS Certification Application. Send completed applications and certificates to tanya@crisisnegotiation.us

Renewal Application Instructions

The Certificate of Specialized Training will be granted for a period of three years at which time the certificate is renewable by completing updated advanced/refresher continuing education through CSM.  Eight hours of attendance to qualifying CSM courses (online or seated) are required to maintain certification. The 8-hour requirement may be an aggregate of multiple courses, completed not more than six months prior to the expiration of the certificate. Conference presentations of two or more hours may qualify as continuing education at the discretion of CSM.

Beyond the initial 3-year certificate, renewal applications and the requisite 8 hours of training advanced/refresher training must be completed annually.


Certificate awardees are subject to de-certification at the discretion of CSM or for any of the following reasons:
Failure to maintain standards of certification including the payment of application fees, timely submission of application for renewal
Failure to complete certification training/continuing education requirements
At the request of awardee’s agency
Ethical misconduct

For information on any courses or the certification process, contact Tanya Schmell, Director of Peer Support Programs, Crisis Systems Management LLC at tanya@crisisnegotiation.us