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Strategic Communication for Crisis Intervention

Strategic Communication for Crisis Intervention

3 hours Interpersonal Communication (Online)
Presented by: Troy King

Course Description: In crisis negotiation, Active Listening Skills (ALS) are a fundamental, yet basic, skill set. The Behavioral Influence Stairway Model (BISM) is also a key component of leading a resistant subject to desired behavior change. Often, negotiators find themselves using these basic skills with no meaningful behavior change. In these cases, a more strategic approach to communicating with the subject may help resolve the incident.

Strategic Communication requires the negotiator to design communication strategies which incorporate factors present during the situation, including the subject’s capacity to empathize with others, the subject’s character traits, and the scene dynamics.

This 3-hour online presentation includes student activities which will reinforce concepts discussed in the presentation.

Training Objectives: 
1. Identify a subject’s motivation, values, and fears which may impact de-escalation attempts and barriers to resolution.
2. Apply conversational themes to build rapport and influence.
3. Use resolution themes to lower barriers to resolution for subjects in crisis

Who should attend this course: CIT officers, ECIT officers, crisis negotiators, and dispatchers.

Complimentary seats: WSHNA, MACN, IACN, BANG members and NCNA Representatives or their designees through October 2020.


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