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SAMPLE DOCUMENTS (Click HERE - Password Required)

  • Crisis Systems Management Model Policy (DOC)
  • Incident Commanders Checklist (PDF)
  • Dialogue Record (PDF)
  • Request For Information (PDF)
  • Request For Information Log (PDF)
  • Sole Source Sample (DOC)
  • Judges Guidelines (DOC)
  • Oral Board A (Omaha Model) (PDF)
  • Oral Board B (Omaha Model) (PDF)
  • Suicide Risk Assessment (PDF)
  • Violence Risk Assessment (PDF)

PRESENTATIONS (Click HERE - Password Required)

  • First Responders Instructional Presentation (PPT)
  • Psychological First Aid (PPT)
  • New Negotiators (PPT)
  • Human Resiliency and Law Enforcement (PPT)

YOUTH CRISIS ISSUES (Click HERE - Password Required)

  • Youth Suicide Protocol (PDF)
  • Rampage Shooter Typology (PDF)
  • Lessons From Columbine (PDF)

ARTICLES (Click HERE - Password Required)

  • Suicide By Cop Study (PDF)
  • Hostage Situations In Detention Settings (PDF)
  • Overview Of De-escalation Skills In Law Enforcement:Helping Individuals In Crisis While Reducing Police Liability And Injury (PDF)
  • The History of The Scaled Crisis Response Model (PDF)
  • The Scaled Crisis Respond Model (PDF)
  • An Officers Worst Nightmare (PDF)
  • Behind the Walls (PDF)
  • Hostage Situations in Detention Settings:Planning and Tactical Considerations PDF


MISCELLANEOUS (Click HERE - Password Required)

  • National Council Of Negotiation Association Guidelines (DOC)
  • Youth Suicide Protocol (PDF)
  • Team Exercises: Just Listen (PDF)
  • Team Exercises: How High Will You Bid? (PDF)


SCENARIOS (Click HERE - Password Required)

  • Samaras Burglary Scenario (PDF)