Troy King
Troy retired in 2019 from the Portland Police Bureau after more than 30 years in law enforcement.  Starting his career in 1988 with the Fort Bragg Police Department, California, Troy served as a patrol officer and then investigator before moving to Portland, Oregon in 1993. In Portland, Troy held the assignments of Patrol Officer, Asian Gang Intelligence Officer, Robbery Detective, Detective Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, and Crisis Negotiation Team Leader.

From 2011 to 2019 Troy was the full-time team leader for the Portland Police Bureau's 26-person Crisis Negotiation Team.  He had been on the Crisis Negotiation Team since 2001 starting off at a technical officer, then being assigned as a negotiator and then negotiation sergeant.  During his last eight years leading PPB CNT fulltime, Troy led the negotiation and intelligence gathering efforts during critical incidents, filled in as CNT Commander, and was also responsible for team training and development.

Troy has responded to hundreds of critical incidents ranging from lone suicidal subjects to armed barricaded individuals to hostage incidents. Troy was also commonly consulted during patrol level crisis incidents.

Troy has been awarded numerous medals to include the Commendation Medal, Unit Commendation Medal, Achievement Medal, and numerous commendations. In 2012 he received the Distinguished Service Award from the Oregon Peace Officers' Association and the Commendation Medal from the Portland Police Bureau for his actions during a 2011 event in which a lone gunman, attempting to commit suicide-by-cop, shot several police officers. In 2017 Troy was awarded the Nathan Thomas.

Distinguished Service Medal. In 2018 Troy was named a Silver Jubilee Honoree for his work on the National Suicide Hotline, and in 2019 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his overall body of work with The Portland Police Bureau.

Troy has taught numerous negotiation, influence, and leadership-related classes across North America for regional conferences and individual teams as well as universities and private corporations. Troy is currently the Chief Operating Officer and full-time instructor with Crisis Systems Management, LLC. Troy is lead author of the nationally recognized crisis negotiation field manual titled Into the Chaos. He has also published articles in The Tactical Edge and AC Resolution Magazines.

Troy has served on the board of the Western States Hostage Negotiators' Association (WSHNA) since 2014 and is currently the WSHNA President.