De-escalation for Patrol and CIT Train-the-Trainer
Thursday, June 29, 2023
8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: St. Francois County Sheriff's Department
Directions: 1550 Doubet Road, Farmington, MO 63640

Presented by the Missouri Association of Crisis Negotiators

Training Overview:

The De-escalation for Law Enforcement Course is a practical introductory course of instruction for law enforcement personnel, CIT Officers, Corrections Staff and Crisis Negotiators

This course not only prepares students to recognize factors for influencing and managing difficult or verbally abusive, resistant, or non-compliant subjects, but also to present training in an ‘in-service’ environment.

Students will learn how over-reaction or under-reaction can adversely impact the outcome of an incident by causing an incident to escalate, re-escalate, or by creating circumstances in which there is an unintended use-of-force or an unintended outcome. 

By understanding the impact of words, students will recognize and learn how to manage their own personal verbal triggers.

An in-depth discussion of the role of vigilance, hyper-vigilance, crisis rehearsal, threat assessment and personal readiness will prepare students to adopt a mindset conducive to effective, safe, and legally defendable actions.

One of the most relevant aspects of de-escalation is assessing and managing scene dynamics – from the initial call to 9-1-1 to the patrol response and ultimately to a safe resolution. Students will learn practical and effective steps to reduce the negative energy or circumstances which often set the stage for an escalation of emotions and violent behavior.

Step-by-step tips for managing verbal abuse and resistance will aid students in a more thoughtful and productive approach for de-escalation and lastly, students will learn how to manage verbal non-compliance.

Students will also learn how to present classroom training to law enforcement professionals and will receive digital versions of training materials.  The train-the-trainer portion of this course will highlight the importance of delivering a standardized curriculum, setting a professional tone for high-liability training and maintaining a disciplined classroom environment.

To close out the training event, students will participate in individual and group activities and role-playing vignettes wherein they will have opportunities to practice the skills covered in the lecture/discussion portion of the training.

MO POST credit will be awarded for this training event.



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