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Roadside/Rural Crisis Negotiation

Roadside/Rural Crisis Negotiation

2 hours Technical Studies (Online)
Presented by: Michael Clyde

Course Description: In this 2-hour block of instruction we will explore non-traditional types of rural crisis negotiation and the challenges associated with them as well as practical techniques oriented to successful outcomes. We will explore how best practices apply to these situations through case studies and classroom discussion.

Training Objectives:
1. Identify methods for overcoming challenges associated with rural crisis negotiation.
2. Identify methods for overcoming challenges associated with roadside crisis negotiation.

Who should attend this course: Patrol officers, CIT Officers, ECIT Officers, Crisis Negotiators, Dispatchers and Patrol Supervisors.

Complimentary seats:  WSHNA, MACN, IACN, BANG members and NCNA Representatives or their designees through December 2020.


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