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Team Building for CNTs: Motivation and Communication

Team Building for CNTs: Motivation and Communication

2 hours Technical Studies (Online)
Presented by: Troy King, Deb McMahon

Course Description: This course is designed to prepare team members, and specifically team leaders, for the challenging task of motivating and communicating effectively with team members.

Students will learn the benefits of a team structure; one that is based on tactics and strategy.
When a team is created with a clear definition of roles and norms – strategic goals of the team are more easily met. Structure also serves as a foundation for highly motivated teams to communicate well with one another.

Students will also learn team motivational guidelines including leadership, advocacy, standards and accountability for crisis negotiation teams.

Lastly, students will learn the importance of trust and rapport within a team as the critical leverage for building genuine rapport and trust with those in crisis.

There will also be a team-building activity which students can use with their teams.

Training Objectives: 
1. Recognize the value of team structure.
2. Apply motivational guidelines for crisis negotiation teams.
3. Build rapport and trust within a CNT.

Who should attend this course: Crisis negotiators.

Complimentary seats: WSHNA, MACN, IACN, BANG members and NCNA Representatives or their designees through December 2020.


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