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Communicating With The Non-Responder

Communicating with the Non-Responder

Online Course Length: 3 Hours

Course Description: 
If you have been a crisis negotiator for any period of time, you have probably encountered a difficult and frustrating subject who does not respond or react to anything you say or do.

“Communicating with the Non-Responder” presents a model for communication to break the silence.  Beginning with the use of available intelligence, potential approaches can be crafted based upon the type of incident and a particular subject.

Effective communication techniques are reinforced for use in the delivery of a script or ‘menu’ of statements and approaches covering a variety topics and areas of subject concern.

Originally developed from the review of recordings of successful non-responder negotiations, these statements and approaches are presented in a logical and chronological order.  An emphasis is placed on the use of a ‘Parallel Approach’ where tactical and negotiation teams operate as one synchronized element, under the incident commander, throughout the incident, using words and, when necessary, tactics to encourage communication and negotiation.

A multi-page handout will be provided to each student for use during the class and to carry with other reference material in their negotiator ‘go-bag.’

Training Objectives:
1. Evaluate intelligence and motivation for subject non-response
2. Develop an approach for effective communication with the non-responder
3. Collaborate with tactical resources for a ‘Parallel Approach’
4. Develop and apply incident- and subject- specific scripts for communication with the non-responder

Who Should Attend: 
Patrol officers, CIT officers, crisis negotiators, and tactical officers.


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