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Crisis Systems Management LLC (CSM) is committed to providing training and consulting services to law enforcement and Department of Defense agencies throughout the world in the fields of crisis/hostage negotiation, responder resiliency, and peer support.


Crisis Systems Management is committed to providing training and consulting services to law enforcement, corrections and Department of Defense agencies throughout the world in the fields of crisis/hostage negotiation and first responder resiliency and peer support. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training, enabling law enforcement professionals to mitigate a myriad of criminal, psychological, and mental health crises through effective communicative and management techniques.


To promote the premise of crisis negotiation in all that we do

To be the crisis/hostage training provider of choice for negotiators, CIT officers, correctional staff and dispatchers nationwide

To be the peer support training provider of choice for first responders, CIT officers, correctional staff and dispatchers nationwide.

To develop and maintain the most qualified instructional and consulting staff who:

  • provide most current and accurate crisis negotiation doctrine in the United States
  • create a professional classroom environment wherein the learning of students is the highest priority
  • honor the expectations of host agencies, academies and associations
  • value the time and contributions of all students and peers
  • inspire law enforcement and corrections professionals to make a difference in each of their communities


We are responsible, accountable and respectful of time and resources.

We promote honesty and integrity.

We foster collaboration and innovation.


Crisis Systems Management is a small, disabled veteran, woman-owned business established and operating in the State of Missouri as a Limited Liability Company.

CSM operates and performs for the purpose of training development, training product development, training, and training evaluation as it relates to hostage negotiation, crisis incident management, first responder resiliency and peer support, and critical incident stress management.

Crisis Systems Management has a proven track record providing Crisis Hostage Negotiation, Crisis Incident Management and Law Enforcement Resiliency and Peer Support Training in a variety of law enforcement environments as both a prime and sub-contractor. CSM has trained more than 25,000 municipal, state, and federal law enforcement students in the past nineteen years.

CSM has developed and trained more than 480 hours of curriculum related to crisis hostage negotiation, crisis incident management human trafficking and first responder resiliency and peer support. The curriculum reflects the most relevant and timely doctrine of these highly specialized law enforcement fields. The curriculum is frequently updated and is easily adapted to meet the training needs of first responders, dispatchers, crisis negotiation teams, peer counselors, correctional personnel, mental health professionals, and Department of Defense personnel.

CSM’s unique technical approach to training support contracts relies on a pool of the most qualified adjunct instructors from around the United States. Each instructor is carefully vetted to meet contractual and training requirements.  CSM has developed the most rigorous classroom management and training evaluation policies in the industry, thereby ensuring the highest quality training delivery to students as well as contractual compliance.In addition to a wide range of training courses, Crisis Systems Management also plans and facilitates regional and state negotiator competitions throughout the United States.Crisis Systems Management specializes in the deployment of mobile training teams and has deployed more than 400 mobile training teams to both CONUS and OCONUS locations. The mobile training team experience of CSM instructors guarantees that training will take place regardless of shipping, weather, host agency, or travel issues.