Team Building Workshop for Crisis Negotiation Teams
Tuesday, December 19, 2023
8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: 4400 Jeffco Blvd
Directions: Arnold, MO 63010

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Presented by the Missouri-Kansas Association of Crisis Negotiators

Training Overview:

This course is designed to prepare team members, and specifically team leaders, for the challenging task of developing teams and more importantly, working as a team during crisis events. 

Students will learn the benefits of a team structure; one that is based on tactics and strategy. 

When a team is created with a clear definition of roles and norms – strategic goals of the team are more easily met. Structure also serves as a foundation for highly motivated teams to communicate well with one another.

Students will also learn team motivational guidelines including leadership, advocacy, standards, and accountability for crisis negotiation teams. Lastly, students will learn the importance of trust and rapport within a team as the critical leverage for building genuine rapport and trust with those in crisis. Decisions made by a group are usually better than decisions made by a single person.  Teams must take advantage of their time off the phone to engage in structured brainstorming.  It is a powerful technique to help negotiators assess risk and plan tactics.

Structuring brainstorming is more than just kicking around good ideas about what the negotiator is going to say the next time he or she is on the phone – it’s about strategizing toward a successful and risk-effective resolution.

Students will learn tried and true techniques for making the best of structured brainstorming sessions.

The most significant decision made during a crisis incident will involve a decision to use deadly force.  Decisions will be based on the information available and the best decisions will be based on timely and accurate information.

Proficiency in making decisions during a chaotic and emotionally driven incident requires teams to develop strategies for gathering information as quickly as possible with an understanding there is not enough time to apply traditional decision-making models.

This course prepares students to develop effective techniques for both structured brainstorming and the important decisions that follow.

Numerous team-building activities throughout the training day will be both challenging and fun.

Training Objectives:

1. Recognize the value of team structure.
2. Apply motivational guidelines for crisis negotiation teams.
3. Build rapport and trust within a CNT.
4. Apply effective brainstorming techniques.
5. Apply effective decision-making processes.
6. Use checklists and forms to facilitate decision making.



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